On-Demand and Usage Based Insurance Platform for modern mobility

Distance and time flexible, on-demand usage-based insurance adjusted to customers consumption Just like the new mobility insurance should be

Car Insurance in the Digital age

Car insurance, digitally manageable anytime and anywhere, on mobile devices and computers, enjoying the best user friendly and trustable experience.

The best price

Pay only for their actual drive time or distance and even get better offers for driving safe.

See what Bambi can offer as innovative car insurance products

Bambi's solution for Ridehailing

Bambi makes sure the driver and the passengers are fully covered while ridehailing. With Bambi's personal on-demand insurance, payment is only for the time the ride is shared.

Bambi's solution for Private Cars

With Bambi, customers have control and they pay as the go and drive. Using unique technology, Bambi allows for a dynamic insurance that will fit the exact personal insurance needs of your customers.

Bambi's solution for Car sharing and Car services

Pay only for the time you rent or share a vehicle. Bambi's on-demand, pay-per-use model allows for full insurance coverage while using on-demand car rentals and shared vehicles.

Bambi's solution for Connected and Autonomous cars

Cars will soon be more connected and autonomous. Originally built for the future of mobility, Bambi's unique dynamic premium calculation allows for insurance that will be based on a completely different set of parameters.

How it works?

On our cloud platform, we develop on-demand and UBI insurance products which by nature of a data driven platform are connected to the relevant data sources of the users, cars or the mobility platform (i.e. Smartphones, API’s, sensors, external sources, telematics or directly with connected cars).

We implement interfaces with the insurer and through our insurance agency we distribute the Insurance products. Alternatively, the Insurer can choose to distribute the products directly in a different business model.

Our solutions include real time underwriting, policy production, on-demand activation, usage-based billing, on-going operations, fraud validation, claims handling and value adding services.

With the usage and mining of data Bambi optimizes and personalizes underwriting, pricing, actuary and claims handling.

A competitive solution that is dynamic and continuously adaptable to changing economies and innovative technologies.

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