Moshe Pinto

CEO and Co Founder
Moshe, the CEO of Bambi has more than 20 years' of experience in domestic and international business management, business development, operations, finance and legal. Moshe is a CPA and served as CFO, COO and various Executive positions during the years mainly in Financial, Commercial and Media companies conducting business globally.

Zion Madmon

Chairman and Co-Founder
Zion, the Chairman of Bambi is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in information and real time technologies. Zion founded the first dating website in Israel "Cupid" and sold it to "Jdate" later. He then founded "Travelist" the leading tourism price compression website in Israel where he still serves as a board member.
Senior Executives

Uri Shemer

Advisory Board Member (Actuary)
Uri has been engaged in actuarial work for over 27 years. He has an extensive business and actuarial experience in the insurance industry and maintains connections and advises to C-Levels of most local insurance companies. Before becoming a senior advisor, Uri had leading Actuarial positions in the largest Insurance companies in Israel.

Li-on Raviv

Li-on is the CTO of Bambi Dynamic. Li-on has more than 20 years of experience in technology on a global scale. Prior to joining Bambi Li-on has been involved in large projects and initiatives in the field of information systems, real time systems including extensive practical experience in the communications field.

Judith Zbili

R&D Manager
Judith is the R&D Manager of Bambi Dynamic. Judith has over 20 years' experience of enterprise software development and product management. Prior to joining Bambi, Judith has worked as R&D Group Leader and Senior Product Manager at a market leader providing telco-grade solutions to hundreds of mobile operators' world-wide.

Edy Rozenfeld

VP Product
Edy is the VP Products of Bambi Dynamic. Edy is a Business-oriented executive and has over 15 years' of experience leading and executing enterprise software development. Prior to joining Bambi, as Co-Founder at Qmarkets, Edy has led and managed the company since its inception and has an exceptional track record employing proven processes and methodologies that deliver significant and successful results.