The story of bambi

During the last decade, we have entered a new age of mobility with a whole new perception of the way we consume and the way we approach mobility. Digital transformation has reshaped consumption and leads to new ways of transportation, opening a new shared mobility ecosystem, driven by a greener environment, social trends, and the connected and autonomous car revolution. As the mobility environment changes, whether private use or shared, consumers need personal and dynamic car insurance, one that is accurate and fair.
The insurance industry and the mobility ecosystem can’t afford to stay behind.

To allow this vision to become a reality, in mid-2017 we started Bambi Dynamic. The goals were clear, and for making them happen we’ve gathered a team of passionate entrepreneurs, cutting-edge technology engineers along with leading UX/UI designers and teamed them together with the most esteemed insurance industry experts and established Bambi Dynamic.
The results were amazing – a revolution in the way to insure modern mobility. Whether for personal use, MaaS, ride sharing, car sharing, connected car, or autonomous – at Bambi, we provide insurers and the mobility ecosystem with vehicle insurance solutions that are informative, user-friendly, personal, and dynamic for consumers personal needs.
As an ambitious start-up company positioned at the intersection of insurance and mobility, we are constantly developing our technology, with vast insurance and mobility industry support, to provide the mobility and insurance ecosystem with the most friendly and intuitive user experience for all processes. The advantages to the insurance companies and Maas providers are huge! – Enjoy, and stay in touch!

Cheers, the Bambi team!

our Management

The Bambi Family

Alex Krasov

Dvora Cohen

Shai Gill

Assa Raviv

Adam Kashani

Adir Revah


Moshe Pinto

Vadim Smel

Adi Yaakov

Moshiko Basal

Stas Masarsky

Rami Salameh


Bambi’s Bot

Noa Zehavi

Itzik Dabas

Bracha Nagar

Zion Madmon

Pavel Slusar


Chen Kashi

Itay Ess

Li-On Raviv

Haim Madmon

Arik Peled



Contact us

We’re here for you, and we’re extremely open
minded so feel free to ask any question or
suggest a collaboration. 

check out our

Contact us

We’re here for you, and we’re extremely open  mindedso feel free to ask any question or suggest a collaboration.

check out our

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