The story so far…

During the last years, we have entered the new age of mobility with a whole new perception for the way we consume and the way we use our car. Digital transformation has reshaped consumption and lead to new ways of transportation, opened a new shared mobility ecosystem, driven by greener environment, social trends and the connected and autonomous car revolution. As mobility environment changes, whether in private use or shared, consumers need a personal and dynamic car insurance, one that is accurate and fair. The insurance industry can’t afford to stay behind.

To allow this vision to become a reality, in mid-2017 we started Bambi Dynamic. The goals were clear, and for making them happen we’ve gathered a team of passionate entrepreneurs, cutting edge technology engineers along with leading UX/UI designers and teamed them together with the most appreciated insurance industry experts and established Bambi Dynamic. The results were amazing – a revolution in the way to insure modern mobility. Whether for a private car, ridesharing, carsharing, connected car or autonomous – we, at Bambi, provide insurers with car insurance solutions that are personal and dynamic for their customers personal needs, and they pay only for the time or distance driven.

As an ambitious startup company, we are constantly developing our technology, with vast insurance industry support, to provide insurers with the most friendly and intuitive user experience for easy all processes – enjoy! and stay in touch.

Cheers, The Bambi team